Interior Minister Ranasthanullah gave the formula for early general elections.

Interior Minister Ranasthanullah

Interior Minister RanaSanaullah gave the formula for early general elections.

If PTI dissolves Punjab and KPK assemblies, National Assembly members accept their resignations, then I can assure you that Home Minister RanaSana ullah statement will come out.

Sheikh Rasheed has said that Nawaz Sharif will not return, elections will be held in October and November. In this regard, Interior Minister Ranathanullah has given the formula for early general elections.

Home Minister RanaSana aullah has said that PTI will dissolve the Punjab and KPK assemblies and has assured that if their members in the National Assembly accept their resignations.

RanaSana ullah made this statement in response to former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed’s statement. Yesterday Awami Muslim League chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed has claimed that instead of a by-election.

Matters have been settle regarding a new election. In his message on the social media website Twitter, he said that instead of the by-election, matters have been settle on the date of the new election.

He apparently referred to Asif Ali Zardari, who died of coronavirus recently. And said that even those under quarantine had agreed to the election, leaving only Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

He said that due to the increase in electricity and LPG prices by 250 dollars and 10 rupees. The markets will remain closed.


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