Increasingly intense heat affects our eyes the most

woman sunglasses

Protects the sunblock

In addition to protection from the sun, sunglasses or sunglasses are also useful for protection against pollution. Our delicate eyes are most affected by the rising heat where the whole body is affecte and if we have to leave the house in the afternoon, take the children to school.

If you have to go to the market for some important work, your skin and eyes get scorche by this heat and intensity.

A complete cure or antidote to this stormy heat is not possible, but the use of sunblock protects your skin, while the use of sunglasses or sunglasses gives your eyes a refreshing and cooling effect. Of course our eyes. There are invaluable gifts of nature, the protection of which is not only necessary, but it is also the right of their delicacy.

Experts say that to protect the eyes from the sun, goggles or sunglasses should be chose which can protect the eyes from ultraviolet or ultraviolet rays.

In addition to protection from the sun, sunglasses or sunglasses are also useful for protection against pollution.

As soon as they see the sun, measures are taken to avoid it and in this regard, men go to the market to buy sunglasses. Now in the increasing fashion race, sunglasses are also chosen according to the fashion among women. In addition to clothing, jewelry and sandals, women now try to use matching sunglasses.

At present there is a wide range of foreign and branded sunglasses in the market. There are different types of glasses available in the market according to the fashion in which square, rectangular, oval and round glasses are popular among our men and women.

Sunglasses with large lenses are one of them for women. Most women look in similar sunglasses and even the frames of numbered glasses are being chosen to be bigger and wider, although these larger frames are suitable for every face. Don’t look

Face and frame

Frames with large lenses are not suitable for women with round faces, as it does not give a good overall impression of the face, for them a rectangular lens will give a good impression. They are also calle. Every spring fits on the face with sharp impressions.

Always choose a standard spring company.


It is better to have a standard plastic frame instead of metal, because the plastic frame does not leave marks on the face, and at the same time choose a lightweight goggle that is light in weight, so that it is easy to use. So keepit on the bow, so that the glass dosn’t get scratched, just use your glasses.

Be careful not to wear someone else’s own glasses or give your own glasses to someone else to wear. By doing so, eye diseases are transmitte from one person to another in the form of germs. In this regard, there are various types of spring cleaning solutions available in the market which not only make the glasses shine but also make them look like new.
However, the selection and use of sunglasses and goggles, cleanliness and care require a lot of attention, it should not be considered an easy task.
According to a survey, your face looks 75% more attractive with glasses on your face. If you also plan buy a new pair of glasses for this season, but are worried about how to choose the right glasses? Let us tell you today some of the principles by which you can choose the best glasses for your face.

Under these principles you can identify the shape of your face. Generally there are 6 types of face texture. Rectangle, Oval, Round, Heart shape, Square and Diamond shape. I don’t know. This difference canbe understood by measuring the face.


This face is as long as it is wide. Both the forehead and the jaw are a little thin but they are in the same proportion.

Measure your face with a measuring tape or meter color tape. Be sure to keep it straight and not bend according to the texture of the face. Measure the width of your forehead first. Then measure your cheeks and jaw in width as well. Finally, measure the length of the face.


If the face is longer than the width, then this face is calle rectangle.

The forehead, cheeks and jaw are all equally wide in this face. Large and wide framed glasses should be worng on this face. The frame of the glasses should also be thick and clear.

Heart shape
The corners of the jaw are protruding on this face while the cheeks are wide. The forehead is wider than the cheeks.

Frames without frames will also fit on this face.

The length of the face and the distance between the cheeks are almost the same. The jaw, cheeks and forehead are the same width. Elliptical or square glasses with rounded edges are suitable for this face.

Diamond shape

The face is slightly thinner than the forehead, while the jaw is wider and slightly pointed. Round-edged glasses should also be use on this face. But their width should not be more than the width of the cheeks.