Increasing Numbers of Cases might lead to Nationwide Lockdown in India

India to Impose Nationwide Lockdown

While India is grappling with the Corona Virus (Covid-19), the situation is leading to a nationwide lockdown. With the increasing pressure due to the growing surge in the number of cases, India is dealing with an unprecedented crisis. The growing number of cases taking the tally to above 20 million cases. On Tuesday, 4th of May 2021, India registers 355,000 new cases. The number of cases per day in India was 400,000 on the 30th of April 2021. The congress suggested a nationwide lockdown in India amid the increasing Covid cases. Since hospitals and testing capacity are already overloaded, the true number of cases can be far higher.

Covid Patient Administering Oxygen in Indian Hospital

Health care experts are advising the government for the lockdown to break the chain. The Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet, “A crime has been committed against India”. The statement released on the official Twitter account of the senior leader of congress on the 4th of May 2021. Many senior politicians and business leaders also suggested a nationwide lockdown to contain the virus.

The ruling party leader had to face severe criticism on the previous nationwide lockdown. Also, the country’s economic output declined by 24% during the same months, the previous year. However, the ruling government has clear instructions for states about imposing lockdown independently. Some of the states including the financial hub are already under lockdown to contain the spread. Following the economic impact of the lockdown, the PM has clearing warnings if the government is to pursue the nationwide lockdown. Sluggish vaccine campaigns and lack of makeshift hospitals are also serious constraints the country is facing to contain the spread.

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