How To Study Well To Score Maximum Marks in Class

How to Study well

Well as a student, I always dreamt of being first in class. I couldn’t realise that dream into reality until my senior years in high school. When I become mature enough to change my way of studying and modifying my system to sustain in the top positions. The study is a vital part of student life. You can’t deny its importance, but there are some mistakes students do. so they need the proper guidance to get back on track and perform well. Today, we will create a mini guide for the students that how they can achieve well in exams with less effort.


Study needs your attention and focus. You can’t be great in your father’s tent, remember this thing always. You need to get out of bed earlier than others to get on the top. The first thing you need to do is to take notes in class. whatever your teacher teaches you, note it. Meanwhile, listen to the lecture carefully. The reason to note the lecture is that a teacher creates a paper 90% from his presentations and slides. So, you should have a better grip on the material coming on the paper.

You should study those main points which will be coming in the paper. Try to wake up early in the morning. Be a morning riser, wake up early in the morning and start studying, that time has the maximum focus and output. So, invest that time. Read your lesson on the daily basis and review it in the next class. A pro tip to become a teacher’s favourite kid is to review the next day lesson. it will help you to answer the teacher’s question and it will boost your confidence. 

Do smart study rather than hard study, also make a schedule for your day and stick to it. Make your study and day productive for the best results. It is both good for exams and normal days. You can use this app for planning and schedule. the Structured app, get it now!

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