Home remedies

Home remedies

Home remedies

Home remedies , Protect rice from pests:
To protect the rice from insects, put semi-dry leaves in the rice box. Insects will not enter the box (canister etc.).

Keep the vase flowers fresh:

Most of the vases are decorated with large bouquets of rare flowers but the flowers wither quickly.

An easy tip to keep the flowers fresh for many days is to take a spoonful of cake glue and put it in water and mix it well. Dip the flower vase in this water and take it out after a few minutes. Will stay fresh for

Filling wood cracks:

Wooden drawers often have cracks that can be seen across.

The easiest way to close these cracks is to mix zinc powder in linseed oil and make a paste “putty” and fill in these cracks. Apply a layer of paint on top and let it dry.


If the bottom of the iron is dirty or burnt, wet the cotton and put salt on it. If you find it on the bottom of the iron, it will shine. Will go

Fountain Pen Nib:

If you stick the tip of a fountain pen in the potato pulp, it will not rust.

There is no refrigerator:

If there is no refrigerator, put the washed potato pieces in the double bread box. The double bread will stay fresh.

Cake and bread:

Do not keep cakes and bread in the same box, otherwise the bread will absorb the moisture of the cake and the cake will dry out.

Dry bread:

If the dry bread is left in the hot oven for a while, it becomes fresh.

Fresh fruit:

Fill a bowl with water and put fruit salad in it. This will not spoil the color of the fruit.

Leather shoes:

Clean leather shoes with glycerin once a week and dry them in the sun.

The leather will remain soft and shiny.

Mixture blender cleaning:

After using the mixture blender, to clean it, add enough water so that its blades are under water, then add soap or washing powder and run it. After one minute, take out all the water and use it. Wash and dry.

Extract the juice of dried lemons Soak lemon juice in water for one hour before squeezing. This will soften the lemons and make the juice come out easily.

Get rid of the smell of fish:

Slowly apply mint leaves on your hands to get rid of the odor that comes to your hands after cleaning the fish.

Washbasin cleaning:

To clean the washbasin, place a layer of paper napkins in the sink and then apply the homemade bleach on it. Apply the bleach in such a way that the napkin soaks well. Leave it for half an hour. Then take off the napkin and wash the basin with detergent powder.

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