Home remedies:

Home remedies:

Home remedies:

Home remedies: Tea or coffee stains: Fresh Chapati: Cleaning of socks: Gentle adults: Cleaning the blender: Too much salt in curry:

Tea or coffee stains:

To remove tea leaves or coffee stains from tea or coffee cups, add baking soda to them and rub them lightly with your hands, the stains will clear.

Fresh Chapati:

To keep the chapati roti fresh, keep a little ginger in its box. This way the chapati will stay soft and fresh. A bacteria-free toothbrush

Wash your toothbrush once a week with warm, salted water to protect it from bacteria.

Cleaning of socks:

Children’s school socks sometimes turn yellow, wash them with soap and water mixed with white vinegar to whiten them again. The socks will also become whiter and softer.

Gentle adults:

Add a teaspoon of curd and baking powder to the urad dal to make it soft.

Cleaning the blender:

To clean the blender after use, add enough water to submerge it. Add soap or washing detergent and run it, after a minute, drain all the water, wash it and keep it dry.

Too much salt in curry:

If the curry is too salty, add a little lemon juice or a peeled potato, it will absorb the extra salt.

Cut the coconut:

If the coconut is to be cut into two equal parts, heat it on fire for a few seconds before breaking it.

Hair dye marks:

Sometimes the marks of hair dye get on the clothes, to remove them, heat some glycerine and leave it on the mark. After fifteen minutes, wash it with washing powder and iron it.

Ice cream stains:

If there are ice cream stains on children’s clothes, mix uric acid and a teaspoon of glycerin and apply on the spots. After a while, wash with washing powder and iron.

Grinding of chillies:

If the seeds of the red chillies remain firm while grinding, add a tablespoon of cooking oil to these chillies and grind them. The chilies will be finely ground.

The smell of onions:

If you want to remove the onion smell from your hands, mix a little salt in your hands.

fishy smell:

Before cooking the fish, put lemon juice or vinegar on it for some time. Then its smell will go away.

Color of jewelry:

Place the imitation jewelry in tissue paper and chalk it or sprinkle with talcum powder. The color will not deteriorate.


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