Gargle and wide pajamas: ParT (I)

Gargle and wide pajamas

Gargle and wide pajamas: ParT (I)

Gargle and wide pajamas, Fashion colors change. Yesterday’s fashion is not today, today’s fashion will be of another color. But the fact is, the old fashioned way is back. Why and how does this happen? There is no definitive opinion on this. It can be done.

“We used to wear these necklaces and wide pajamas. And today these girls are walking around wearing earrings.” A glimpse of tradition can also be seen. That is why today we see the fashion of Patiala shalwars, trousers, necklaces and high waisted shirts which is common. It was also booming in the seventies and eighties.

In Pakistan where other sectors gradually achieved success. While the fashion industry or the field of fashion continued to develop with its sand. Each era has its own requirements. In this regard, Pakistan fashion industry has completed the tradition of adapting to the world by mixing fashion with Eastern colors in each era. And also made his mark abroad.

That is why today Pakistan’s fashion industry has gained a unique and prominent place in the world. There was a time when grandmothers wore loose pajamas with bangles. And in the style of Gargle.

Grandmothers wore loose pajamas for older women. Taxes have become part of modern fashion.

These wide-brimmed pajamas are becoming very popular among women and girls these days under the name ‘Plasor’. Loose pants with tights and gargoyle style. This cannot happen until then. Until there is a change in lifestyle and a change in women’s fashion.

Whether it’s long sleeves or shorts, the fashion of plazos is gaining momentum. Wide pajamas with long sleeves and loose long pants with both long and short style shirts have become a fashion “trend” among women and girls. Ready-made ‘plazos’ and pajamas of different colors and beautiful designs are also being sold in the bazaars.