Gargle and wide pajamas: (II)

Gargle and wide pajamas

Gargle and wide pajamas:  (II)

Gargle and wide pajamas, In fact, clothing not only covers the body and protects it from cold and heat, but it is also a mirror of our social values ​​and gives color, charm and newness to the personality. And give it individuality. Designing on costumes gives the costumes a new style and unique elegance.

Pajamas, an important part of traditional oriental dress, have always been popular with women in all walks of life, but they are even more popular on occasions like weddings. They prefer to wear pajamas instead of shalwar. Pajamas are one of the most popular garments in both India and Pakistan.

For the past few years, Pakistani fashion trends have been changing every month. There are some fashion trends today and some next month. At this time you will find pajamas very stylish with all the designer wear seen in three pieces.

Pajama embroidery is also a trend in the international fashion market. In addition, embroidery on pajamas and trousers is very important. The thread embroidery on it looks very beautiful. But when you see pajamas with them, they will be decorate with beautiful embroidery and beds.

Pajamas are also being embroidere on shirts but the fashion of embroidering on pajamas is very interesting for women.

Embroidering on pajamas

Pajama embroidery and buttons are prominent when the length of the shirt is short, but many women are also embellishing it with longer shirts. Embroidery, buttons and lace are prominent.

Another important point is that if the dress is being made for the wedding ceremony, then the pajamas and the shirt are being embroidered to suit the jewelry.

The thing is, this era is the era of many fashion trends. Whose heart adopts this kind of fashion trend and it is an encouraging trend. If you look at the fashion trends of a decade ago, the same kind of fashion trend used to run, that is, everyone had to follow the same fashion trend, but now the situation is very different.

The good news is that people are also embracing the daily changes in fashion trends. It is true that climate change not only changes clothes but also changes fashion and lifestyle. There is no substitute for summer clothes and pajamas.

n this season, open colors drive away the mind of the viewer. Nowadays this popular spring dress is being sewn with a new style which not only looks unique but also looks better. In fact, it is a beautiful combination of ancient and modern fashion.