Fractures of the bones wrists, sleeves, hands and fingers

Bone fractures of wrists,

Fractures of the bones of the wrists, sleeves, hands and fingers (first aid)

Immediate arrival:

Close the elbow so that the sleeve is on one side of the body and keep it in the bandage. When the injured person is taken to the hospital, he should be seated in a chair or if there is another passenger, he should be seated.

To say Fractures of the leg bones:

Fractures from the knee joint to the knee joint are very dangerous so the injured person should be taken to the hospital immediately.


Smooth the soft donkeys of cotton and cloth on the slope of the body. ۔ Place a small, comfortable pillow between your thighs or make a mattress the same size.

Also place mattresses between both knees and ankles so that the injured do not feel any discomfort from physically pressing or rubbing their bones together.

Bring the other thin leg closer to the injured leg and do whatever is done very slowly and gently. Give strong support to the injured side and do not leave it hanging.

Now tie both feet and ankles with a wide bandage and wrap this bandage around them in the form of 8 digits. Do not try to wear or take off the injured person’s shoes etc.

Now tie both knees with another wide bandage.

Take two more wide bandages and wrap one around the injured thighs just below the injured thighs and tie the other around the thighs a little above this place and tie the knot on the injured bed or stretcher as soon as possible. Arrange for a hospital bed.

Knee Ankle Fracture:

This is also a very dangerous part. Even if this part is singular in the beginning, it can still be part of negligence, so it will require even more caution.

Immediate rest:

Place the mattress on the natural tilt of the body so that it is perfectly smooth. Tie both legs together like a thigh fracture and take the patient to the hospital on a stretcher.

Fracture of the knee bone:

Lay the mahdhut in such a way that its head is high as shown in the picture. Lift the injured leg in such a way that Mahdat is not injured. Then place a long wooden plank under the leg below the knee and heel. Insert the mattress. Now tie the leg and the plank in three places as shown in the picture.

Close to the heel,

Close to the knee,

On the thigh,

Fractures of the bones of the feet and toes:

Don’t try to boot. However, loosen the laces and do not put any pressure on the legs. The best treatment is to lightly lift the injured leg and place it on a pillow and then tie the pillow to the injured leg.

Simultaneous fractures of the bones of both legs:

If both legs are injure, tie them under a cotton or cloth fork or under wooden planks. Take the prisoner to the hospital on a stretcher.