Fracture of the lower jaw bone ParT (II)

Fracture of the lower jaw bone

First aid, ParT (II)

Fracture of the lower jaw bone: First aid,

How to recognize a broken spinal cord: The injured person will be completely yellow in color. He will be very restless and anxious and will complain of pain at the place from where the bone is broke.

He will come to his senses and if that part of the haraam brain which is in the neck becomes bad. Then both arms and legs will become numb. And he will not be able to move. And he will have severe difficulty in breathing.

Must feel If the lumbar spine of the haraam brain is injured, then only both legs will be immobile. Make sure that he does not make any movement. Carefully lift the injured person and lay him on the stretcher.

Keep him straight and tight and do not allow any part of his back to bend at all. Emergency Aid: At least four helpers will be neede. Carefully picking up and carrying such an injured person will depend on his or her complete recovery or growing up for the rest of his or her life.

Move, they should be very careful, soft but strong. If these condition are not being met, then wait for the arrival of a specialist. If there is no possibility of such help arriving at a suitable time, then between the injured thighs, knees and ankles.


Keep appropriate pillows and mattresses. So that they do not move unnecessarily. Wrap the bandage around the legs and ankles in the shape of Figure 8. And then place the mattress of appropriate size on the stretcher where the injured person is lying under his neck and waist.

There will be space left but do not rest on the heads of the injured. Wrap the round and push it back. Now gently turn the injured person upside down. The round can be easily wrappe on both sides.

Then with the help of helpers lift the injured person slightly on the blanket. But in such a way that his body does not hang out of nowhere. And nowhere does the bill eat. If this is done, the injured person’s body will be able to stay perfect upright.


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