Fracture of the hip bone.

Fracture of the hip bone

Fracture of the hip bone:

Fracture of the hip bone. When the thigh or hip bone is broken, the injured person will complain of pain in the hip or place the hands on both sides of the hip in the hips and press inwards with both hands. The pain will be felt and the bone will move a little.

Immediate help:

  1. Lay the injured person in a position that is very comfortable for him and this condition is usually achieve by lying down straight.
  2.  Instruct the injure person not to urinate at all before reaching the hospital.

3. Tighten the injured person with pillows or cushions between the knees and ankles so that the legs do not move.

4. Tie the knees together with a wide strap so they can’t move.

5. Tie the injured person’s ankles and feet with a wide bandage and this bandage should be wrappe in the shape of figure 8.

6. Lay the injured person on the stretcher and take him to the hospital without any delay.

Chest and rib fractures:

Thunderstorms often break the ribs. Or a car or scooter accident, or a wheel passing over the chest, or a direct injury. Or blow that causes severe pain. If the bone is broken and the pain is exacerbated by breathing hard or coughing.

If the part of the lung under the bone is also injure. Then bloody and foamy mucus is excrete or a little blood is mixe in the saliva. And it depends on the nature of the wound. If there is an open wound on the chest, then the air will also go inside the chest and the lung on this side will also stop working.

The muscles attached to the ribs guarantee this. That the broken pieces do not move out of place, so the help of such an injured person can only be kept in a more comfortable condition. And will not allow further complications.

bones of the joints

1. If there is excessive bleeding, try to stop it temporarily or permanently.

2. If there is a wound on the chest from which air is entering the chest. So put a bandage on it and close it immediately. Arrange for him to be rushe to the hospital as soon as possible and if he is conscious and not feeling any pain then take him to the hospital.

If this happens, the lungs on the right side can expand as much as possible and work well, and if there is bleeding from the injured side of the lungs, the blood will start to accumulate on the base of the lungs and cause more pain. No, if both sides of the chest are injure, then keep the injured person upright.


When the bones of the joints deviate from their natural position, it is calle loosening or degeneration of the joints. Never try to cure. If there is a suspicion of joint fracture, treat it this way. Like a broken bone or a broken joint.. It is always useful to make a mistake towards safety.


4. The dislocated joint often looks clean. There is severe pain and the injured person looks very ill.

3. There is swelling around the joint and there will be scratches. On the skin and the nail will be enlarge and this is indicate by the accumulation. Of blood under the skin and in the surrounding structures.

If you want to move the bone. So can be give with great difficulty. And that too with severe pain.

2. In addition,

Most of these symptoms will be found. In the statement of the broken bone.

broken bone

General principles of treatment:

1. Support the joint in a position that is more comfortable for the injured person. Tie a flower bandage and support the arm inside it or wrap the bandage around the arm and tie it to the body. Pillows or blankets for legs When wrapped, it is use as a support.

2. When the injured person is sent to the hospital in this way. Take him to the position in which he is getting a lot of comfort. Generally, the injured person feels very comfortable while sitting.

Would like to borrow

1. Make sure that there is no defect in the blood circulation in any part of the body. It can also be cause by increased swelling and a tight bandage can also cause it. Keep looking at the blood circulation defect will either turn yellow or turn blue or their physical color will be a significant difference.

If there is any doubt about the circulation, immediately loosen the bandages and straighten the arms and legs and spread the elbows. In this regard, elbows are very dangerous, especially when they are close, if there is any defect in the circulation. Then inform the doctor as soon as you reach the hospital.


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