Flower petals for skin care and beauty

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Flower petals for skin care and beauty


which are one of the most beautiful things in the universe, are also rich in the ability of other creatures to impart human beauty. Due to this feature, flowers are used in various cosmetic products nowadays.

The use of fresh and dried flowers has been common for centuries. Sometimes it is used for cosmetic products, sometimes it is used for massage by extracting liqueur or vegetable oil from these flowers and sometimes it is used for infusion of leaves of these flowers in water or for bathing in the form of steam.

Let’s use skin care and beauty products with flowers. rose water Rose petals are readily available everywhere. Rose liqueur is a natural skin tonic to brighten and refresh the face. It is also used in medicines and beverages for eye diseases, heart diseases and other diseases.

Yasmin Chanbeli,

These white flowers are available in different varieties. In most of the houses people love to plant them in beds and gardens. Due to their fragrance and freshness it is used in making perfumes, soaps, talcum powder and face packs. Jasmine white It is a very fragrant, beautiful and beautiful flower with colorful petals.

Elder Flower,

It is widely available in our country, but it is often overlooked. It is used in various perfumes, lotions and creams.

Baboon or chamomile,

It usually grows in humid areas and along roadsides. Its flowers resemble daisies. It has khaki leaf-like leaves, more common. This herb is used in beauty products. Baboona hangover is also used in the treatment of dermatitis.

It also removes skin blemishes. With its help an excellent oil is prepared. Take half a cup of dried chopped baboon flowers and a quarter cup of rosemary leaves and put it in boiling water and add a sunflower in it.

Add the oil. Now heat the mixture for 30 minutes and then pour it into a wide-mouthed vessel. Give During this time, shake it regularly every day.

When the smell of flowers starts coming out of the oil, filter it and take it out in a clean bottle. This way it will be one third, now add half a cup of oil and heat for a few minutes.

The method of using it is to apply the oil in the hair from the roots to the ends and massage it well. After 30 minutes, wash the hair with dry powder or basin. Wash with shampoo prepared in the following manner.

Take one tablespoon of sage leaves, one tablespoon of dried bay leaves and a quarter cup of a standard mild shampoo. This shampoo is very effective for blending natural ingredients for hair.