Fear of suicide attacks in PTI meeting: Imran Khan was shown intelligence reports

Suicide attacks

Suicide attacks

Fear of suicide attacks in PTI meeting: Imran Khan was shown intelligence reports 

The most important figure in the Pakistani establishment prevented Imran Khan from presenting the report presented by the Federal Ministry of Interior to the media. And intelligence agencies during the press conference;

The country’s top intelligence agencies had received reports of unidentified gunmen entering the PTI activist Ben Creedzone. And major government attacks, as well as firing on foreign embassies. According to credible sources, a report was presente to Imran Khan stating that there were reports of suicide bombers and terrorists entering his sit-in.

During the sit-in at D-Chowk, the country’s top intelligence agencies received reports that unidentified gunmen had entered the PTI activist’s bin zone and planned to open fire on foreign embassies in addition to major government attacks. Is.

The report also said that according to intelligence reports , foreign intelligence agencies planned to infiltrate the Red Zone and attack key government buildings and embassies. Therefore, the security forces will have to respond to the firing with force, which will lead to direct violent clashes between the army and the people. Therefore, Imran Khan was requeste to thwart these plans. After a brief speech on Jinnah Avenue, he told his workers to go home.

The PTI chairman in a press conference today termed the news of the deal by the establishment as baseless but senior journalist and analyst Haroon Al-Rasheed who is one of his close friends said. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif signed the important summary and sent it to the President. In his program on private TV, he said that perhaps the summary is related to the National Assembly and general elections.

It should be note that such rumors have been circulating since yesterday. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif was asked to send a summary of the dissolution of the assemblies to the President to reassure Imran Khan. but the President would approve it in due course.

Fear of suicide attacks in PTI

It may be recalled that while addressing a press conference in Peshawar today, Imran Khan said that the news of a deal with the Establishment was baseless. have been. Does anyone go to take their children and women into chaos? But the police are ours too, so we decided for the sake of our country. I am giving 6 days to the government. Because we were not ready for it, he said he went to the house of the first martyred worker in Mardan and another worker Faisal Abbas was martyre in Lahore, other PTI leaders have gone to his house.

He said that the party would collect Rs. 10 million. 10 million for each of them 10 million. “These are people who have come out in the spirit of true freedom,” he said. He decided that the conspiracy of the foreign country imposed the government of the most corrupt mafia, so there is little to pay tribute to his family. The former prime minister said it was the biggest insult to the country. For 30 years, people have been stealing money from this country and sending it abroad. They were committing all kinds of crimes, dominating the country.

Imran Khan

“First you conspire and then you make thieves,” he said. While here he is made the Prime Minister and Chief Minister. He said that if 60% of the cabinet was on bail then no nation could protest peacefully against it then this nation should not survive.

Imran Khan said that in every democracy of the world you have the right to peaceful protest, not even the right to protest. Homes were attacke last night. Punjab police did not even see women and children entering the houses. We went to court, after which the Supreme Court ruled that the police should not have done so. And barriers should have been remove.

What happened next was not what we expected. He said that Faisal Abbas was throw down by the police. The way some sisters, daughters and lawyers were beate by the police in Lahore. The lawyers on the bus were throw out. This oppression happened in front of the whole nation. He said that the manner in which the Punjab police was use. Punjab Police has very good officers but the present government has selected such officers selectively.

And then they were torture. The IG of Islamabad was to be punishe in the Safe City project. Shahbaz Sharif has brought it back. The former prime minister said that former federal minister Omar Ayub had gone to talk to the police. The police have beaten them so brutally, I am still wondering which police kill their. Own people, citizens, children, women, daughters.