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Stay cool in summer: ( ParT I )

Stay cool in summer: ( ParT I )

Stay cool in summer, In summer, whenever the heat of the sun begins to burn the delicate and attractive face of women, the simplest home remedy to protect the face from the sun and brighten the complexion, if the charm and beauty of the face can be maintained, is also expensive and somewhat expensive. up to. Where is the wisdom of falling into the trap of substandard creams? May help improve skin.

Egg mask:

To soften dry skin, mix one egg white with the juice of one lemon and beat it well. Leave this paste on the face for fifteen minutes and then wash it off with fresh water.

Besan, curd and lemon mask:

A mask made of gram flour, curd and lemon gives the best results. Mix gram flour, yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice to make a paste and apply on the face.

This mask can be used three days a week.

Honey and lemon mask:

Mix a few drops of lemon juice in a spoonful of honey and apply this mask on the face for a few minutes and then wash it off when it is dry.

Turmeric and milk mask:

Add a little milk to the turmeric powder and leave this mask on the face for a few minutes and then wash the face with cold water.

Fair complexion:

Grind a handful of local almonds, then mix them with pure milk and gram flour to make a face mask. Wash your face thoroughly and apply this face mask. Heat and cold will have no effect. Take one part milk, three parts water and freeze in cubes.

Now wrap the cube in a muslin cloth and apply evenly on the face. Not only will it give you a cooling sensation, but it will also remove heat-induced acne and blackheads. Why do shadows fall on the face?

Dark spots appear on the face due to vitamin B and iron deficiency. They are treatable. With a little attention we can eliminate them. Fruits and milk are very useful for them and eating a balanced diet also plays an important role. Gives.

Drinking plenty of water is important not only for health but also for keeping the face fresh. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with the juice of one lemon in the morning before breakfast removes dark spots on the face.

And the stomach works fine. Soak fennel in warm water overnight and mix it with honey in the morning and use it for about one and a half months.

It removes dark spots from the face. Apply ground camphor mixed with rose water once a week. The shadows go away. If the face is not properly cared for, a thin layer of sebum accumulates on the skin.




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