Hair Care in Rainy Season: ( ParT II )


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Hair Care in Rainy Season:

Hair Care in Rainy Season: Relief is the mercy of Allah. It should not be considere a problem. It is true that we have very little rainfall, but whenever it rains, many problems arise due to lack of proper management. These problems are both individual and collective. This is the downside of rain. On the positive side, rain soothes the mind and body and relieves the heat, so the rainy season should be seen not only as a negative but also as a positive.

( ParT II )

It affects your hair even when you stay at home all day. This is more so on days when the humidity in the air increases and your hair looks tangled and tangled. It also depends on your hair type.

Fine and coarse hair becomes dull while fine and curly hair becomes tangled. The best solution is to change your hair. Use GELL to give a new look. The gel forms a thin layer on the hair, protecting the hair from moisture.

Don’t try to forcefully style your hair on rainy days, which doesn’t make you feel comfortable and right. For example, if you have curly hair, don’t straighten it, and if it’s straight, don’t curl it, because if the hair absorbs even a small amount of moisture, it will return to its original state.

Instead, leave the hair in its natural state and adopt a hairstyle that suits and looks good on you. For fine, thin and straight hair, pull the hair back into a braid or braid. Since the humidity in the air is high during the rainy season, the hair needs more attention during this season.

Hair fall:

Due to high humidity, the hair becomes not only greasy but also lifeless. Sweat is released from the scalp, causing itchiness and pain in the scalp and hair fall. This season is unfavorable for hair, so there is no need for any treatment for hair fall, as all these hair problems disappear with the passage of season. Keep hair natural.

Some detangling creams are commonly use, but they can have negative effects, as they draw more moisture into the hair and make the hair more greasy and sticky. Do not use greasy and moisturizing creams on your hair during rainy days.

Use hair drying creams instead. It is better to use hair cream sparingly. Also, don’t do any chemical treatments during this season, such as dyeing hair, curling straight buns or straightening curly hair.

Never use a blow dryer to dry your hair, as it constantly blows hot air on the hair, making it weak and prone to breakage. If the hair gets wet in the rain, wash the hair with shampoo and dry it in natural air. Gently comb through wet hair.

If you do it too quickly, the hair will break easily due to the wetness. After being drenche in rain, the chances of hair becoming dry increase. Apply mustard or coconut oil to your hair while sleeping.

Applying oil makes hair shiny and gets rid of frizz. You can also tie a colorful scarf to cover up tangled and unruly hair. In this way, the hair can be protecte from the humidity of the rainy season.


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