Famous Mountains in Pakistan

Famous mountains in Pakistan

Famous Mountains in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country with a diverse landscape, including spectacular deserts, lovely lakes, scenic valleys, majestic mountain ranges, and hill stations. These are some of the reasons why travelers go to Pakistan. The tourism business has been rapidly expanding in recent years. The reason for this is Pakistan’s ancient history, natural beauty, diversified culture, and, of course, the majesty of its mountain ranges. If you enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, and trekking, you may be looking for a list of Pakistani ranges. There are about a hundred mountain ranges in Pakistan that are at least 8,000 meters high.

Pakistan has several lovely lakes and mountains, with the majority of the mountain ranges on the country’s map located in the north. Himalaya, Karakoram, and Hindukush are three Pakistani mountain ranges that provide a unique geological feature on our planet. The Karakoram Range is also the world’s second tallest mountain range. Also, read about Pakistan’s famous sweets. You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking Pakistan’s best mountain ranges. We will not only examine how many mountains there are in Pakistan in this blog, but we will also provide a list of all ranges in Pakistan as well as a list of mountain ranges in Pakistan that are classified as autonomous mountain ranges.

Famous Mountains in Pakistan


It is the world’s longest mountain range. This range spans Pakistan’s, China’s, India’s, Bhutan’s, and Nepal’s five borders. Killer Mountain, commonly known as “Nanga Parbat,” is one of the most iconic Himalayan peaks, standing at 8,126 metres (26,660 ft) above sea level. Nanga Parbat is also the world’s ninth tallest peak.

The Hindu Kush Mountains

In 1830, the Hindu Kush Mountain was established. The Norwegian team, a group of Pakistani climbers, made the first attempt at climbing in 1950. This range rises to the northwest of the Pamirs and is located in northwest Pakistan. The Hindu Kush range stretches for over 950 metres along Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s borders. Chitral is home to Tirich Mir, the world’s tallest mountain at 7,690 metres. Noshaq, located on the Pakistan-Afghan border, is the second-highest peak at 7492 metres. There are several ranges in the Hindu Kush Mountain. It is located in Pakistan’s Kohistan and Swat provinces.

The Safed Koh Mountain

The Safaid┬áKoh Mountain is located on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The White Mountain Range is another name for it. It stands at a total elevation of 4,761 metres (15,620 feet). The range’s highest point is Sikaram Peak. Climbers and hikers prefer to visit the world’s highest Polo ground because the Khyber Pass and Shandur Top are near to the range. Many climbers, trekkers, and eager hikers visit the Polo Ground during the Shandur Polo Festival. This mountain is known as “Spin Ghar” in Pashto. Parachinar, Kurram District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan, and Jalalabad, Gardez, Paktia, and Khost, Afghanistan, are the nearest cities to this mountain range.