Facebook: How to Start a Facebook Account?

how to start a facebook account

Facebook is the parent social media app. When there was a social media pop up, Facebook was one of the first ones in the market. On the internet, if you want to search about any person. This is the best option at which you are sure to find that person. Well, there are many things now related to Facebook. You can own a marketplace, hundreds of tv shows and celeb news all at the one package on Facebook. Additionally, It is the universal platform where you can work or find a job by joining job posting groups.

Secondly, there is a lot of opportunities to get connected to other people. You can friend request to them or can accept the friend request of other people. That’s the way of communication on this app. Well, a daughter app called messenger is also there. Through a messenger, you can communicate in private chat with other people.  It can be about business or simply communication. There are also a lot of groups of every kind, you can join according to your interest.  You can turn on the news section. Furthermore, You can go for the working of other people for inspiring. Additionally, You can start a page there. you can post on that page and can reach a lot of people

Create a Facebook Account

For creating a Facebook account, you need to give access to your phone number or personal Email. But due to security reasons, Facebook uses phone numbers as the source of verification.  Create a New Account, by clicking on the link and enter your information like name, phone number and email address, now enter the verification on the Facebook account by your phone number or email. Now your account is ready to use. Create your profile, put your school, and other info. Pick a profile and cover picture for your account. Now enjoy!

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