Election of Speaker Punjab Assembly, Legge MPs attack Presiding Officer, stole ballot papers

Election of Speaker Punjab Assembly, Legge MPs attack Presiding Officer, stole ballot papers

Election of Speaker Punjab Assembly, Legge MPs attack Presiding Officer, stole ballot papers

The voting process in the Punjab Assembly was affecte due to the unrest of the Legislature Members of the Assembly, the Panel of Chairs asked for security in the House.

Election of Speaker of Punjab Assembly, League MLAs attacked the presiding officer, ballot papers were snatched away, voting process in Punjab Assembly was disrupted due to rioting of League MLAs.

Called According to the details, the polling process for the election. Of Speaker Punjab Assembly is going on, during which a situation of commotion was seen in the House. According to media reports, Muslim League (N) members attacked the presiding officer after which security had to be calle in the House.

During the voting, Rana Mashhood had a bitter conversation. With the Punjab Assembly staff, Rana Mashhood and Rukhsana Kokab attacked the presiding officer, Rana Mashhood took a copy of the ballot paper.

Rakhsana Kokab took 4 ballot papers with her. While Speaker League candidate Saiful Muk Khokhar snatched away the register of the slip issuing agent and threw it away.

On this situation, the panel of chair expressed indignation. And said that the peaceful polling should not be disturbe, they called the security inside the house. On this occasion, Tehreek-e-Insaf and Muslim League (Q) candidate Sabatin Khan submitted a written complaint to the panel of chairpersons.

And asked that the ballot papers snatched from the assembly staff by the League members should be returne. Rolling. It should be note that the resolution for the election. Of a new speaker was approve in the Punjab Assembly yesterday.

And the ruling alliance comprising PTI and Muslim League (Q) nominated Sabatin Khan. A member of the PTI assembly from Mianwali, as the speaker. Was nominate for While the opposition parties Muslim League (N). And People’s Party nominated Saiful Mak Khokhar. made his joint candidate.


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