Eid festival, how to decorate with henna – women

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Eid festival

Eid festival, how to decorate with henna – women

If it is henna, it does not matter if it is used in wedding ceremonies, wedding ceremonies or Eid festival. Women of all ages apply henna on their hands and feet, especially in Pakistan and India.

Whether Eid comes in summer season or in winter, young girls specially arrange it. The beauty of moon night is also recognize in this regard.

You may have noticed that the arrangement of applying henna by putting canals outside the beauty parlors starts from evening. A large number of women turn to the parlors till the moon appears.

Henna adorn

Girls who know how to apply henna adorn the hands of neighbors and friends with henna all night long. Every year, social media and beauty bloggers introduce new designs.

The creative element is prominent in them. There is a hint of innovation in them.

Gone are the days when big women used to apply henna in the form of round pillows on the palms of the ears of girls with henna solution at night. Although this is old now but the spark of sincerity and love of old women is still a part of the memories.

Now girls like to go to the parlor and show their designs on their cell phones and apply henna.

Henna is a global beauty

Although henna of Arabian, Sudanese, Malaysian and Indian design has become popular in Pakistan, such arrangements for applying henna can be seen in these countries.

It is another matter that unlike Pakistan and India, there is no tradition of making henna on moon night, but apart from marriage ceremony, women apply henna on happy occasions.

And like our brides, it fills up to half an arm. In addition, the trend of making tissues has also developed in the West.

How to darken the color of henna?

Don’t be discourage in any way by women who do not make henna on their hands. Rather, treat it and that is to first dry the palms by applying gyro, then wash your hands with plain water and apply henna, then the color will remain throughout the week and the color will also come brighter.