Eat salad, stay healthy, Tomato: Onions: Lime: Cucumber:

Eat salad, stay healthy

Eat salad, stay healthy

Eat salad stay healthy, Humans have been eating fruits and vegetables for centuries. Then meat or poultry meals and fried foods grew in popularity as they were believed to be very nutritious foods.

There are also people who do not eat food without meat and consider meat as an essential and necessary part of the diet.

The salad trend became common.

Raw vegetables contain vitamins and fiber. ) happens. Salads lose their nutrients when cooked, so vegetables should be consumed raw. As a result of the research, it has been revealed that the high consumption of meat. Chicken and fried foods does not benefit the health.

It is harmful to the body, so we should give importance to fruits and vegetables in the form of salads and make them part of the diet for nutritional needs because through salads we make raw vegetables tasty, tasty and nutritious. can.

Salad will not only help to digest food quickly but will also be beneficial for health. Contains fiber, so it does not increase weight, but fulfills the body’s need for vitamins and mineral salts. Salad is not constipating.

Excessive consumption of meat and poultry food is harmful to health as it is high in calories and fat, it leads to obesity in the form of fat which is the cause of many diseases.

In the salad, according to the season, clean tomatoes, onion or lemon, green coriander, mint, carrot, beetroot, radish, cucumber, ginger, cabbage and guava etc. Take lemon, black pepper etc. with food.


Relieves constipation. It is a natural source of iron and cures anemia.

Onions: Onion is an appetite stimulant and aids in digestion. It relieves constipation and prevents vomiting.

Lime: It helps in digestion of food, cures stomach ailments and suppresses appetite. Biotin is a natural source of vitamin C. Squeezing lemon on raw onion has many benefits besides removing onion smell.

Cucumber: Diuretic reduces heat. Eliminates its effects. Useful in fever and jaundice. Removes heat from the body.

Green coriander: Reduces body heat and provides relaxation. Its use with salt is digestive.

Mint: Delicious and digestible. Stimulates appetite, improves stomach and liver. guava: Strengthens heart, mind and stomach and relieves constipation. Purifies the blood by reducing thirst. Useful in skin diseases, it should be use before food.


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