Dry mouth and throat

Dry mouth and throat

Dry mouth and throat

Reasons: Dry mouth and throat, Emotions such as shortness of breath, sleep apnea, diarrhea, diabetes, anxiety, fear, anger, trauma, etc., indigestion. The tongue becomes dirty and there is a risk of mouth sores. Medications such as scopin and atropine also cause dry mouth.

Treatment: Bitter and sour foods produce large amounts of saliva. It is very important to keep your mouth clean. Dry mouth serves as a standard haven for germs.

Dental and gum diseases!

Gum ripening: In addition to mouth and tongue blisters, there are also occasional blisters on the gums that cause toothache in addition to the gums. The gums usually heal quickly with home remedies.

Treatment: Apply 10% silver nitrate on blisters with the help of cotton swab. This is a very strong solution. Make sure it does not touch any healthy part of the mouth, otherwise keep it clean. Doing so prevents blisters from forming and prevents germs from playing games.

tooth ache:

There are many possible causes of toothache. In case of toothache it is more advisable to consult a dentist as many serious complications can arise if the disease is needed. Toothache is usually caused by a cavity in the teeth, pus under the teeth or a severe cold. Eat something sweet Or gently brush your teeth with a pencil. A slight sting in the tooth that causes severe pain will cause pus to form under it. In case of cold, there is pain all over the upper jaw.


Treatment: In all three cases, aspirin temporarily relieves the pain. You can get relief by putting a small piece of ice in a wax cloth or oil paper etc. to reduce the pain. Ice sucking is also good for mouth and teeth. Clean regularly. If you do not accept the effect of home remedies, see a doctor. But this is a temporary treatment, so it is important to consult a specialist dentist in any case.

Hiccup Binding:

Spicy foods, alcohol and hot drinks are the main reasons for this. Sometimes hiccups start due to eating without drinking water and sometimes it becomes difficult to find the exact cause of hiccups.

Treatment: Count one to a hundred breaths or swallow a few sips of water with your fingers in your ears or drink a glass of water very slowly (at least two minutes). Need to consult

Bleeding from the mouth If there is bleeding in the saliva, suck ice or spray a few drops of silver nitrate solution (Argyral) in a cup of water. In the meantime, abstain completely from tea, cigarettes and other intoxicants.