Dr. Fauci’s Leaked Emails Spark Controversies over Wuhan Lab Leak

Dr Anthony Fauci

White House defends Dr. Fauci over the lead of work emails. Dr. Anthony Fauci is President’s top Coronavirus adviser. The adviser to PM is known as the face of Covid-19 updates. Also, President Joe Biden shows his confidence in Dr. Fauci. However, the latest emails create doubt over the denial of lab leak theory. The emails show Dr. Fauci’s support for backing the denial of the Wuhan lab leak. The trail of emails of the onset Covid-19 was surfacing on the media. Also, the emails clearly suggest Dr. Fauci’s stance on lab leak theory is favorable or not.

Dr Anthony Fauci

An email in the month of April “Thanked” Dr. Fauci for his stance. The executive said, “Thanks” over the lab leak theory. The Dr. publicly states that their no scientific evidence suggesting a lab leak. However, he says that he has an “open mind” towards the Virus’s origin. Dr. Anthony also says that this is taken out of the context of the matter. Also, the White House Press Secretary comes in defense of Dr. Fauci. Calling him as an “Undeniable Asset”. While speaking to the media, the secretary lauds the efforts of Dr. Fauci. Although there is no evidence that suggests the possible proves the leak theory.

US media reports are suggesting the leak of the virus from Wuhan. Many sources are linking the leak of the virus to an accident. The Pandemic’s origin involves speculations from lab leak to wet markets of Wuhan. However, that also influenced President Joe Biden. Initiating a reinvestigation into the Wuhan lab leak theory. The White House keeps defending Dr. Anthony Fauci over leaked emails.