Doom at Your Service Korean Drama Review 2021

Doom at your service Drama review 2021

We all are Korean drama fans here. Well, as the tender romance and astonishing laughter make us watch these dramas. The addiction to Korean dramas start with the BTS or the highly sophisticated elite Idols and never ever ends. So, without delay, let’s explore the best drama which is best rated not only in Korea but also in the Western world. Doom at your service is a 16 episode drama series. You can watch it on Rakuten Viki for free. Click here now to access free Korean dramas.


This is a romantic fantasy genre drama. In which the story revolves around an ordinary girl who is an editor by profession. You will find the sad face of Park Bo Young the main lead, due to the news of her suffering from Glioblastoma. Also, she had just 3 months to live on. She was disappointed and sad over the things that happened. By the same day, she came to know that her boyfriend is a married person. Adding fuel over the fire, the company CEO try to bully her. But at the star breaking, she made a wish of doom at the whole world. The Doom come to her house, at first she doesn’t believe him but later do.

In this way, she made a wish to die without pain. However, she has to stay by the side of the Doom. Doom at your service means that the person who is at the duty of doom need to serve the wish of the person on his birthday. As the story proceeds after several turns and twists, they both fell for each other. While he is her boyfriend, he is always with her and these moments are of great interest. As he makes the poker face in front of everyone. Without destroying your interest, I will let your watch this drama for now!

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