COVID Wreak Havoc in India as the Country Struggles to Safe People

Hospital Runs out of Capacity as Covid cases increase in India

COVID Havoc in India

Although the Pandemic has affected the entire world, India remains the worst-hit country by respiratory disease. India has recorded the highest death toll in the world and also marked as the world’s first country to report 400,000 new COVID-19

cases in 24 hours. The death toll reached about 3600 with the last 24 hours, reported by the health ministry. Where the country is struggling and battling against the pandemic, the political activities continue to work in place. As the number of cases making a consistent upward trend, hospitals are dealing with an acute shortage of beds and oxygen to treat patients.

India Covid crisis: More than 6.6. million cases in April

The government of the ruling party is greatly criticized for its move to continue its political agenda. The political rival Mamata Banerjee, who’s been competing against PM Modi in West Bengal, has criticized for holding rallies. COVID Havoc in India has recorded nearly 19 million cases which records the country as the world’s second most affected country after the US. Following the increase in oxygen demand and incapacitated hospitals, the death toll has been much more than what is recorded. The country has recorded 215,000 deaths caused by the coronavirus disease.

Lately, the images on social media reflected distressing images of people lying on streets, looking for oxygen.

Whereas morgues and crematoriums have reached maximum capacity in the country. Where some rich countries are hoarding up vaccine dosages, countries like India are struggling to take their share of vaccines.