Covid-19 Vaccination Campaigns around the World


Covid-19 vaccination campaigns are underway in the UK and across the world. There are different vaccines currently in use across many countries. Since Dec 2019, the virus has affected more than 173 million people. The frontrunners of vaccines around the world are Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford AstraZeneca. Moderna and Pfizer have made RNA vaccines. A part fragment of the Virus’s genetic code injects into the body. This produces the part of Covid-19 and prepares the body to mount a defense. This vaccine can be used in the UK, US, and Europe. Each variant of vaccines from the manufactures has different characteristics.

Covid-19 vaccination campaigns

Oxford vaccines use a harmless virus to carry the genetic code in the body. Also, the vaccine is easy to store as it doesn’t require extremely low temperatures. However, some of the vaccines need extremely low temperatures to store. All of the vaccines will include 2 doses. Also, a single-dose vaccine is in approval stages in the UK. There will be 20 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccines available by year-end. The vaccine is 85% effective in stopping disease due to the coronavirus.

Many countries and leaders have stepped up to make the vaccine accessible to the public. US President Joe Biden announced to share the vaccine with the world. Also, the Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson urged wealthy countries to get aboard. The purpose is to fight to end the Pandemic together, says political leaders. Lately, W.H.O has approved the Chinese vaccine Sinovac for emergency use. There are also vaccines around the world effective in terms of immunity. Among the notable vaccine around the world are Sinopharm, CanSino, and Sinovac from China. Covid-19 vaccination campaigns are highly critical for the wellness of individuals and businesses as a whole.