Vaccine Covid-19

The Coronavirus disease continues to spread around the world. Upward trend to the number of cases and deaths reported in nearly 200 countries Affected by COVID-19. Globally confirmed death count reaching more than 3.1 million people. The number of confirmed cases has been soared up to 150 million.

Covid-19 in China

The virus began spreading reportedly in 2019 when the first case died in the Hubei province of China. In addition, China quickly grappled with the situation after the breakout. Other countries barely made it to protect themselves. Some of the countries where most of the cases include, India, America, and Brazil.

Covid Affected countries in the world

COVID-19 and Vaccine Rollout

Increasing cases all over the world, the COVID-19 vaccine is being administered by countries and groups of countries. There have been 179 countries in the world administering vaccines that include all income levels.

Initially, people from the age of 60 and above are given priority due to clinical vulnerability. In addition, some income-rich countries Affected by COVID-19.  Secured more doses of COVID vaccine, many low-income countries are dependent on the global plan of ensuring the accessibility to a vaccine.


Although the vaccine has begun rolling out, many regions remain vulnerable and limited due to red tapes. However, Asia remains the most affected region due to recent surges of coronavirus cases reported in India. Following the number of cases in India reported per day is high in Europe. Therefore, Oceania’s number of cases is low enough that they’re being considered inconsequential to be measured.


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