Corona virus of indian variant is detected in pakistan
Corona Virus animation

The surge of the Corona virus has started back from the Chinese city Wuhan. Afterwards, it spread across the world. In Pakistan, at the end of 2019, the first case of Covid-19 confirmed. Which spread and have affected a huge community afterwards. Furthermore, Now-e-day Pakistan has started a free vaccination program for individual safety.

Also, on the 13th March 2021, due to adverse covid-19 situation. Schools and colleges closed. Now the government is showing consideration upon school opening. But the new cases of the Indian Variant of Corona Virus just thrilled the whole nation.


In recent times, India is going through a complex stage of Covid-War. Almost 4000 to 5000 people prone to death each day. A couple of weeks ago, the oxygen supply fell down in India. The general public of India is badly affected by covid-19.

According to a generalized report by health authorities, Cases has filed with the Indian variant and the south African variant a few weeks ago. Its a concerning report for the Health Ministry and Pakistani governement.

Pakistan has banned airway transport between neighbour country to avoid the covid surge. But this news becomes a question mark on the working of government and transport sectors.

Strict Sops implemented in Public places and socially connected centres. For maintaining lockdown and Sops, the government played a major role.

There is the addition of cases of Covid-19 but not in news. Also, 2,697 cases reported in the last 24 hour. The total confirmed cases in the whole country are 918,936 up till now. Get the daily update on Corona cases In Pakistan Here.

For staying safe, try to avoid public gatherings and parties and spend more time at home with your loved ones. For public places, Make sure to maintain social distance and don’t forget to wear a mask.

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