Coffee: How Coffee is Affecting your Health? Detailed Blog

How coffee is harmful for your health detailed blog
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Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world. More than half of the office workers use it as a stimulator for active work. The same goes with students and old age people. Everyone loves to drink coffee In their lifestyle. But there are some elements of Coffee, you don’t know about. In one way, it is the major factor for preventing chronic disease on the other way, it is the reason for even more lethal disorders.

What is Coffee?

By belonging to the Rubiaceae family, coffee is the genus of flowering plants. This plant belongs originally to Southern Africa and Asia. From these trees, beans are extracted and roasted for use as beverages.

There are many forms of consuming java, like cappuccino, espresso, latte and cold beverages. You can opt according to your taste and style. 

Diabetic Mellitus Type-II

As coffee is a mixture of carbohydrates, protein, lipids and other nitrogenous elements. So, it is being suggested by the recent research held on Dutch people. That, Consuming 5-7 cups of coffee would help to lower the risk of Diabetic Mellitus Type-ll by 30-40%. So, intake of these liquids can control and prevent the lethal Diabetic Mellitus type-ll.

Hepatic Disorders

For instance, this miracle beverage also has magical effects on hepatic injuries and cirrhosis. As the liver is the main site of its metabolism, so consuming caffeine would help you a lot. Not only it would cure up all the problems related to the liver, for example, internal liver bleeding or general wound on the surface of the liver.

CVD and Hypertension

Along with the good effects of coffee on the various major health risks. This has deteriorated health in many other ways. Like due to its Cholestrogenic properties, a major risk factor for hypertensive patients. Also, due to the high intake of this beverage, the risk of stroke and chronic heart diseases has been increasing tremendously. Furthermore, by becoming the reason for the deposition of plaque in blood vessels, it is increasing the risk of cardiac issues by 20-30% among the middle age people especially smokers.

Coffee & Pregnancy

For lactating and pregnant women, the usual intake should be no more than 2 to 3 times per week. Furthermore, it’s better to leave the caffeine during pregnancy as it is not good for the neuronal connection of the baby.

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