Buttermilk made from curd refreshes the body in summer.



Made from curd refreshes the body in summer. Most people’s favorite food around the world is buttermilk made from curd, but very few people eat it. They are well aware of the nature and properties of milk. Lactose, yogurt and buttermilk contain large amounts of milk bile. This bile kills harmful bacteria in the intestines and aids in digestion.

It also contains a little alcohol and carbonic acid. The esophageal nerves are strengthene by these substances. When the buttermilk reaches the stomach and receives body heat, the process of sterilization begins. The result is twofold. Gases are produce. A gas causes food content to aerate, increasing the absorption and penetration of gastric juices
As a result, the food does not dry up in the intestines and its ingredients do not undergo harmful changes.

Remember that after straining the curd and extracting the butter, the water that remains is called buttermilk. It is low in fat and high in water. It is also a fast digesting food like curd. If it goes, the growth of germs starts.

kidney and brain:

As a result, the fermentation process begins. The toxic material produced in this way is absorbed into the blood and proves to be extremely harmful to the liver, kidney and brain. Daily consumption of buttermilk cleanses the intestines due to the lactic acid that gradually relieves chronic constipation. In addition, the healthy bacteria in yogurt produce large amounts of probiotics (B vitamins) in the food.

Daily consumption of butter cures certain heart diseases, nervous disorders and constipation.
A strong nerve:

Buttermilk is useful in children’s diseases:
Buttermilk is helpful in protecting children from many other diseases as well.
Treatment of diarrhea:
Buttermilk is also beneficial in reducing fat as it is low in calories.
It stays in the stomach longer, so you don’t feel as hungry. A good way to use butter is to add a little honey to it. Salad dressing or fruit can also be adde.


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