Blogging: What Major Challenges You Have to Face in Blogging

Major Blogging challenges you have to face

Well, if you like writing and want to start a blog, you are in a perfect place. Here we will try to answer every beginner question about blogging. To write a blog, you don’t have money these days. You can own a free domain and can start your blog for free. How and why and what happens after that, I will tell you later. First of all, what you need to do to become a blogger and what challenges you can face in your journey. So, here is the complete guide for it.

Blogging and its Challenges

Blogging is a playful strain. Where you can write for fun or money. How to start a blog. The very easy and simple way to start a blog for free, host a free domain. You can work either on WordPress or Wix, both of these blog hosting sites. Furthermore, they have so much new in their blogs. Also, you don’t need to learn CSS or HTML. They already have designed all kinds of websites. Just Login or Sign Up for WordPress here. So, let’s start with your blog. Blogging is the easiest stuff in your daily life. Once you started hitting a particular sum of audiences. It will become your partial source of income. 

After starting your blog, Try to choose a couple of categories and work on them. Write 50 to 60 blogs in the lifestyle niche or 10 to 30 for a technical niche like medical, automobiles and IT. It will help you get a search on the Web. Also, use a Keyword finder and learn SEO for optimum and best results for blogging. The biggest challenge is that most bloggers don’t know about SEO and Niche. So, they work randomly and get struck in dispair. Even if you can write super delicious, still, you need to work according to the tactics and ways of the keywords and SEO otherwise your blog won’t rank on google. Also, your grammar should be excellent and would have quality content, not copy-paste. Otherwise, you won’t rank due to the pelagrism issue. 

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