Best Shopping Malls in Pakistan

Best Malls in Pakistan

Best Shopping Malls in Pakistan. Newly built retail malls are devising innovative tactics to attract customers by utilising their infrastructure and available area. The breadth of food courts and their maintenance is also causing a lot of fuss among customers because variations in the menu may be attired under one roof, which is vital for a mall to attract the cream of customers.

Best Shopping Malls in Pakistan

Lucky One Karachi 

The Lucky One Mall is a much-needed addition to Karachi’s northern flank, catering to residents from the city’s centre and north. Built on a 3.4 million square foot plot of land. The Mall is enormous and has the potential to become a significant tourist attraction in Karachi. Because the majority of Karachi’s modern malls are in the southern part of the city, LuckyOne Management smartly chose its location, and its popularity will only rise with time. Lucky One is a popular shopping mall with a variety of amenities, including branded and local stores, as well as a children’s play area called Wonderland.

Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall is Lahore’s most opulently designed and largest mall, covering an area of 115 kanals. It is located in the heart of Lahore’s Johar Town. It houses over 200 brands from both local and international chains. A large multiplex theatre, a supermarket, and a children’s play area are also located within the mall. The Emporium Mall is extremely well-run and designed. Everything is in order, and the food court is brimming with variety.

Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall is a Dolmen Group initiative that provides a great place for families and youth to shop for their favourite brands and eat at one of their favourite restaurants in the Dolmen Food Court. It one of the best shopping malls in town, has multiple locations in Karachi and offers exclusive access to some of Pakistan’s most well-known brands.

Centaurus Mall 

Centaurus mall is one of the biggest mall in the capital of Islamabad. The Mall has top-brands of Pakistan that impress the visitors. Moreover, more than 250 outlets are available with the top floor, wholly dedicated to the food court. The Mall is a remarkable piece of creation. The Islamabad lifestyle landmark, widely visible from all over the capital and regarded as Pakistan’s largest mall.


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