Barley diet is the only cure for 100 diseases

Barley diet is the only cure for 100 diseases

Barley diet is the only cure for 100 diseases:

Barley diet is the only cure for 100 diseases: Like wheat, barley is a genus. Along with maize, barley flour is considered an important food staple. The question arises whether the nutritional value of barley flour is equal to that of wheat flour? It can be use as a substitute for wheat. Should it be use only when wheat flour is not available or can it be use throughout the year.

Medical experts say that if we become aware of the nutritional importance of barley. We will not only add barley food to our diet as a supplement, but also make barley the most important ingredient in view of its usefulness. Food has been the favorite food of the pious, ascetics and prophets since several thousand years ago.

Barley grain contains 59% starch in addition to water, nitrogenous compounds, gluten, sugar and a small amount of fat, which plays an important role in keeping cholesterol in the blood low and which does not allow the body to become fat, which means the body is flexible. He is smart.

Apart from this, barley contains copper, which relieves joint pain in older people. It also contains a metal element like selenium that protects humans from colon cancer. Phosphorus, which provides ATP (adenotriphosphate) energy.

It is also an important element of fiber that moves quickly through the intestines, which helps keep the blood fresh and clean at all times and prevents blood clots from forming.

One of the benefits of having fiber inside the body is that it plays an important role in reducing the excretion of Bile Acid from the body, thereby reducing the chances of gallstones.

Different forms of barley diet:

Barley flour bread, porridge, barley water and sattu, etc., are said by Medical Science to be the highest sources of soluble fiber, along with 22 amino acids, 18 amino acids. There is also a specific amino acid, Lysine, which promotes height growth, meaning growing children can grow taller if they are fed barley porridge or bread.

Other Benefits of Barley Diet It whitens the complexion. It awakens the male potential. Quenches hunger and thirst. Breaks down solid wastes from the body. and strengthens eyesight.

Eliminates the effect of toxic secretions. Removes obesity. Melts body fat and plays an important role in keeping the blood transparent.


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