Badin’s Chunri Women’s Clothing

Badin's Chunri Women's Clothing

Badin’s Chunri

Badin’s Chunri Churi is actually a women’s dress. Most of the women in Sindh use it as shalwar kameez but with the shirt it is also commonly used as ghagra or sharara so this dress is popular among all women but inside Sindh and especially Minority women in Tharparkar love Chanri to the point of insanity and are seen adorning it.

According to the artisans, the dyes used in chunri are not ordinary. But specific chemicals which are importe from different countries. These chemical dyes are mixe with hot and cold water. However, most hot water is use in the preparation of chanri.

According to this, after printing the carvings with. The help of wooden slaps, the cloth is knotte. With raw thread from place to place, after which. The cloth shrinks and the cloth is wrappe in a special way and then the wrapping cloth.

Initially, the fabric of a Chanri suit looks like a handkerchief.

When the knots are untie, the fabric opens up in a wonderful way. Which is why the cloth is calle Chunri. According to the modern requirements of fashion. Due to Hussain’s combination, the popularity of Chanri’s outfit is also increasing day by day.