Australia Criminalizes returning from India for breaching the ruling

India can Face Fine

Australians returning from India can face Jail for 5 years and fines, said the ruling. According to the Health Ministry of Australia, the move came forward. In addition,  as a result of the proportion of quarantined Australians returned from India.

Following the severity of the outbreak in India, hospitals are struggling with an acute shortage of oxygen and running out of bed. Also, the death toll has climbed at an alarming rate that brings India to the second most affected country in the world. Thousands of Australians are currently residing in India and the current move consists of a disproportionate decision, said sources.

An approximation counts 9000 Australians are currently in India with hundreds classified as vulnerable.

India Residents Face Fine

Australia Criminalizes returning from India for breaching the ruling

Residents returning from India can face a fine of up to 66,000 Australian Dollars with 5 years in prison. However, it is also reported that by the health ministry that the ruling will be reviewed on the 15th of May as the consequence of failing to comply are considered disproportionate.

Australia has implemented stringent measures to control the spread of the pandemic. With consistent planning and implementation, the country has almost zero cases of the virus. The health ministry extending its efforts to maintain control while also protecting the integrity of the public health and the countermeasures deployed.