Another name for women’s beauty is make-up

Another name for women's beauty is make-up.

Another name for women’s beauty is make-up,

Another name for women’s beauty is make-up, But the minimalist and unique way of doing sophisticated make-up adds four moons to your personality.

And the real beauty in eye makeup is the combination of eye shadow, the more expert you are in blending, the more attractive your eyes will be. Twenty colors are applied on the face and hairstyles are made to suit the face.

Take off all makeup before going to bed. This will close the pores of the face and make the skin beautiful.

Facial skin becomes ugly and dry and women start looking older than their age. Before using makeup, make sure that your skin is well texture, then apply makeup according to the skin on the face.

Elderly women of old used to protect their skin with the help of prescriptions of pure indigenous herbs. Being able to, girls are not able to protect their skin. To protect your skin, it is important to first know the texture of the skin. Whether your skin is oily or dry, whether the skin is normal or balanced.

The skin also needs moisture to maintain its glass beauty. It is also beneficial to massage the oil before bathing. If the skin is oily then Multani mud mask is useful.

Applying a mixture of yogurt and eggs in the hair makes the hair shiny and it is useful for dry hair. Eye protection is very important. If there is irritation in the eyes. Rinse your eyes immediately with cold water.