Announcement of traders across the country not to submit sales tax charged electricity bills

Announcement of traders

Announcement of traders across the country not to submit sales tax charged electricity bills

Announcement of traders:

Protest sit-ins and demonstrations will be held outside the offices. Of electricity distribution companies on August 2. Protest demonstrations will also be held on a daily basis in various markets across the country.

Press conference of the President of the Central Organization of Trade Unions of Pakistan Traders across the country have announced not to submit sales tax charged electricity bills.

According to media reports, the central organization Tajran Pakistan has announced that traders across. The country will not submit sales tax electricity bills, protest sit-ins. In this regard, the president of the central organization.

Tajran Pakistan Kashif Chaudhry said in a press conference that the implementation of sales tax from 3 thousand to 20 thousand on electricity bills is not acceptable in any case, fixed retail sales without any difference or high consumption of electricity.

Imposition of tax is a nefarious plan to close business, decisions of ignorant ministers under pressure of IMF are causing the destruction of the country’s economy, tax on electricity bills and destruction of the economy will lead to the departure of a poor government. from power.

closed shops

He said that the implementation of sales tax on sub-meters. Without distinguishing between several meters installed on a business, closed shops, warehouses, mosques is actually an attempt to collect tax.

Unsustainable cost of electricity, load shedding and now implementation of sales tax. They will surround the offices of electric companies.

Kashif Chaudhry said that if the rulers do not withdraw this tax, they will decide. To shut down the country including stopping the payment of taxes. To improve the value of the rupee.

The government should appoint a patriotic Pakistani as the governor of the State Bank. Short-term and long-term measures should be take to stop the fall and flight of the dollar. Taxes should be reduce on daily consumption items including electricity, gas, petroleum products and their prices should be reduce. Solve it. . take out


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