A five-million-year-old woolly mammoth is Back to life


A healthy ecology on Earth depends on animal species that have existed for millions of years. Humans’ large population and evolutionary progress are to blame for the demise of creatures like the woolly mammoth.

Though tragically, mother nature was the cause of the demise of the woolly mammoth in this instance. Through the transition to plants, rain caused the demise of the woolly mammoth. Due to the fact how quickly things changed, they could not adapt and change for the better.

The current climatic crisis may be halted with their reintroduction into the environment.
Also species has circled Earth twice due to their extensive wandering across the globe in search of a suitable home. After wandering the planet for 5 million years, the species fell extinct around 4,000 years ago.

De-extinction of Ancient Species

Professor George Church from the Harvard Medical School has been studying ways to revive extinct species by removing their DNA and combining them with their developed species for the past ten years. In this instance, the woolly mammoth was the ancestor of the contemporary elephant. As Professor Church noted, this operation has been carried out effectively in the past.

Moreover, than $15 million has already been allocated for this experiment so that to solve our environmental issues.

The Science behind it

In order to develop gene editing, the procedure that enables the reincarnation of this species’ biological engineering, the bioscience and genetics firm Colossal has been collaborating closely with Professor Church.


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