Why is your hair falling out?

Why is your hair falling out?

Hair protection

Why is your hair falling out? Hair protection

Thick, long and beautiful hair falling will not be a dream of any woman. Hair care is even more important. If you wash your hair only once a week, it will be too much for you. You must use amla and sometimes mustard and almond oil at least twice a week as a massage.

Experts say that this change of oil eliminates the harmful ingredients present in the roots. Each oil has its own unique properties. And olive oil is also use for massage to get rid of dryness or any other problem or hair loss and to keep your hair long, shiny and thick. When human hair cells begin to shrink.

Hair growth

With that, the process of their downfall begins. If the level of hormones starts rising then the human body starts getting swollen. It affects hair growth. Lack of this vitamin does not make hair strong. They start falling and new ones don’t grow.

Hair loss is more common in Thai Ryde patients. This is because stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) can cause hair loss even if they affect the production of hormones in the thyroid.

A good diet with good fats and vitamins can reduce these problems.

Chemical free shampoos are now available in the market in Pakistan.

How to brush hair?

The first important point is to choose a brush.

Brush with a light rubber or wooden handle so it can be easily grabbed.

Don’t buy nylon brussels sprouts, they are usually harmful to the hair. Because their heads are not smooth. They are tangled in their hair. Brussels sprouts should be easily coated with rubber.

How to use hairbrush properly?

This movement is a type of hair exercise. Then brush each part of the head evenly. It removes dust and gives hair a natural shine. If you have long hair, straighten it before brushing.

Never break long hair by brushing in one fell swoop. Brush gently. Brush cleaning is essential. Then dry the brush with a cotton cloth. Try not to have a major infection. So it is best not to share your hairbrush with anyone. It is also not advisable to apply oil or brush on wet hair.