3 ways to say goodbye to your Acne this summer

How to get rid of acne this summer
Fair and spotless skin

Hello guys! Well, making a clear statement about acne is, what I can say? To be honest, they resemble weed in plants. They trouble the normal growth of the plant, the same is with the pimples. They disturb not only your look but also cause pain and inflammation. In the 20th century, the normal system of pollution is beyond bearing. So, you need to be careful about where you stand and how to stand. Also, Our face is a major element of our confidence in school, colleges and offices. Women with smooth and unblemished skin are praised everywhere. So, why not you? I will recommend the top 3 tips to minimise the effect of acne on your face. Furthermore, with a bonus, there are some methods to remove your acne scars.

Top Tips to Remove your acne

  • Watch What You Eat, A few days ago, I was reading a book called Limitless, in which the idea of watching what you eat is severely highlighted. Mentioned there that your gut feeds your brain. The same is with eruptions and pimples. Getting more fruits and vegetable in your diet, especially tomatoes and cherries, filled with antioxidant. Not only they block the acne and reduces inflammations but impact reducing blemishes.
  • Light Scrubbing in the Morning, whatever you do, either a schoolgirl or an office lady. Before stepping out of your door, make sure you scrubbed your face. Every morning light scrubbing drains all the bad elements and lipids(oils) from your face. It helps marked decrease in acne. Also, every night, try to wash your face and remove all the dead cells. With nighttime face washing, your scars will be no more.
  • Sun-screen and Moisturizer, Sometimes our bare skin is often exposed to sunlight. Making the sprouting on your face as UV lights break-in. While going out, the application of sunscreen is a must. If you don’t opt for sunscreen. at least go for a moisturizer which also helps a lot. Hawaiin Tropic Sun Lotion is best as sun cream.

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